Friday, 13 February 2015


I want to prove my point of plagiarism, this is my opinion but it is worth thinking about.
I am a little fed up of listening to composers who seem to think that composing is copying. Antonio Sanchez used his imagination for Birdman yet he got disqualified from being nominated for an Oscar, but Johansson got a nomination for  "borrowing" from someone else?  Here is my proof  that Alexandre Desplat's work was copied almost throughout Theory of Everything. I am not a member of The Academy, n'or shall I ever be. I am an enthusiastic individual with a sense of right and wrong and most of all I like originality. I also have lived in a family of musicians and know how irritating it is when this happens.
Johan Johansson's score for Theory of Everything is without a doubt too like the work of Desplat's, I stand strong on this. For example Johansson has used bits of the music from Extremely loud and Incredibly CloseBenjamin Button and Kings Speech, changing keys and one or two endings..but...
The director,  Mr Marsh although saying he wanted to work with Johan Johansson, obviously wanted Desplat to score his film and got someone to copy it. The score is ultimately plagiarism of Desplat's work. I admire Working Title and all the films they choose but really?.  If there is no litigation I will eat my hat.  I can go bar by bar, but will leave that to those people in the know. I cannot believe that I am the only person on the planet who hears this and comments about it?

Anyway I have made my point just listen and you decide.
Here is a sample of Johan Johansson's other work before composing for film. It is totally different.
Boy the composers today could be a whole lot more imaginative, and if it were a race, Johan Johansson would be in my opinion disqualified, not the work of Antonio Sanchez.
What is really sad is that the film is excellent in every way, moving, touching and beautifully acted by Eddie Redmayne who I had the pleasure of meeting at the BAFTA party with film director Peter Medak.  In my view Johansson does not deserve to be in the running for the Oscar, and clearly is new to the game. It is not his lack of ability more his lack of tact.

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