Friday, 13 February 2015

With the Oscars just round the corner, I felt it only correct to re watch all the films out there this year.
My favourites have not changed, in fact it is with clear thought and accuracy that I give my opinion.
Without a doubt Eddie Redmayne wins although Michael Keaton deserve much accolade as a old star in Birdman.

I loved Birdman's music by Antonio Sanchez which was not nominated but disqualified.
Talking of music, the music this year was so good but many who could have been in this category were not nominated.  Despite being a huge fan of Working Title and all that they do, I feel that the very talented Johan Johansson, in this instance is a)too new to win and b)more importantly has not been imaginative on the contrary has plagiarised  the much talented Alexandre Desplat's work. Last night I say up all night checking. I had jet lag and thought I would work on my musical knowledge.
I appreciate the handwork that goes into these things, but imagination is everything, and the work is just too similar.  I prefer the original pieces from Kings Speech, Benjamin Button and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  Although the music is excellently produced, it is not original, therefore the Oscar should go to Mr Desplat whose work is excellent and who has so far written music for over 100 films and despite the confidence of Mr Johansson he has not. I simply prefer his original work.
I am also a huge fan of Hans Zimmer who has been nominated for his score in Instersteller.

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